Four Days No Sleep

Due to mania and, I don’t know, God’s deep-seated hatred of me, I haven’t slept properly in four days and I’ve officially reached my limit. It’s five in the morning, I just baked seven different deserts and a few main courses after working out for a couple hours to try and make myself tired and now I’m stuck in that zone where my body is so tired I can barely move but my brain is so alert I am struggling to put these sentences together. I get three words in and then it’s like someone with a humungous lung capacity sneezes in my direction and scatters all the letters. On top of that, I can hear this high pitched whining noise that I’m assuming isn’t real cause otherwise everyone else would have woken up and it’s making my head pulse. At least I have the 24/7 live Simpson youtube channel to get me through.

Watch this space.